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Everyone is crying about the very “secular liberal lobbyist” movement in Congress.

It doesn’t exist…..YET.

After some of the “fan” mail, I have received from acquaintances on FB, MS, and Yayhoo, I am thinking there is one coming though. Why? Apparently, my posting of things I find reflective of my anti-religious views on these sites would be categorized as “militant atheism”. But,  if the majority of my government representatives base their policies on idol worship, local hospitals sponsored by churches deny me certain gynecological care based on beliefs I don’t observe, and my mailbox gets hit with religious temples’ advertisements everyday, I  would think I sure as hell have the right to share my thoughts and views where ever I can and NOT be called militant. To further this point, I would say that many in Congress have the same issue. Some in Congress are religious but understand the importance of keeping their belief out of the limelight and certainly out of legislation they are passing, and since they don’t push the religious issues with the word Christ falling off their tongue every other sentence, their peers WITHIN THEIR OWN PARTY, call them anti–American; even anti-God.

It is one thing to acknowledge your belief, but it is downright anti-American to impose it upon others, especially while in a position of power. Politicians on their soap boxes announcing that America is a Christian nation is not free speech. They are part of government and are endorsing one particular religion over another.  They are creating a class of citizen that is reminiscent of the Red Scare from the 50’s. The concept of not endorsing specific religious doctrine is not a tough concept to follow and should be practiced regularly.

I get bombarded daily with how inadequate my life is without God by advertisements on television, messages on billboards, and responses my own government representatives make during press conferences when things don’t go their way politically. I get emotionally abused daily by threats of hell fire and failing in life without a God by the aforementioned avenues.The ones I can avoid exposure to are quickly  dealt with. Still, I get told that I am being aggressive and abusive for posting videos to JUST MY FB WALL that do not agree and/or laugh at idol worship, when an individual need only turn off my updates on that site, just as I had done for their content.

There really is a double standard in the call for censorship of anti religious speech versus that of religious expression.

How about I start posting signs in my yard to rival all the Easter banners and Virgin Mary statuettes in my neighbor’s yards?

I don’t. I do have respect.

But the religious have the right to express themselves with Jesus Saves icons, God Bless You banners and sermon styled billboards under the 1st amendment? Even if their content is abusive. And if I pay for the same billboard offering the opposite of what they do, I am committing what they call hate crimes?


Advertising Hell, Damnation and Nationalism sounds pretty fucking hateful to me —  not “Think about what you preach” messages.