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Scratching, Scratching at My Sore
I have been scratching
At the growth above my hip.
It seems to squirm around in it
And makes it hard to sit
And my scratching
ever constant burrowing
Like that of a mole furrowing
Has made my skin appear to be yellowing
 in the sun
But my scratching at this thing
Made my skin begin to bleed
And like a rotted seed
My flesh has now begun to recede
and peel
Scratching, scratching at this sore
Doctors say don’t worry
But it seems to be getting furry
And yesterday I was in a hurry
To get my ointment from the drug store.
Tonight I lay her scratching
ripping off my night shirt
My sore beginning to fire an awful hurt
Giving off a contemptuous squirt
  on to my carpeted floor.
Then a sizzle of acid
Burning smell of carpet
Something reminiscent of a tar pit
Smoldering in my poor hip
 begins to rear its ugly head
And I keep scratching
Fingers coated with grime
Reeking a foul, odoriferous yellowish slime
As chunks of my flesh ooze off in quick time
  To feed my doggy on the bed.
What kind of damned infection….
Some scientist’s new creation?
Leaving me with no salvation
As I keep scratching, scratching at my sore…